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Automotive engineering as a pioneer for modern quality management

Today, the automotive industry is still the pioneer of all branches of mechanical engineering. The development of quality management and QM systems is also inextricably linked with automotive engineering. While the focus used to be on internal measures for better processes and products, in today's widely ramified industry consisting of established carmakers, newcomers in the electrical segment and the many thousands of supplier companies, cross-company quality management is of particular importance. "Just-in-time" production and "rolling" warehouses leave little room for problems caused by faulty parts and components. Not only would they jeopardize sales and profits, but today they could also quickly develop effects that threaten the existence of the company.

Anyone in the automotive industry who does not take quality management seriously has little chance of winning lucrative contracts against an increasing number of competitors. The industry - above all, of course, the major German automakers - not only effectively controls each other here, but is also significantly involved in the further development and improvement of existing norms and standards.

Quality management in all phases of automotive construction

In the automotive sector, it has always been of particular importance that implemented quality management systems are as comprehensive and consistent as possible. It is not enough to consider only the company's own development, design and production; the focus is naturally also on the expectations and requirements of the customer for a high-end product with a high price. However, this actually trivial assumption is often still given too little attention in practice. All too often, the focus is still on the stubborn ticking off of precisely defined and measurable specifications and the passing of audits and certifications.

Fortunately, the customer is now increasingly being seen as a fixed and integral part of the value chain alongside the company itself and the existing suppliers. Today's quality management systems for the automotive industry make it possible to exploit this "extended" value chain to the full while guaranteeing the best possible quality - but you have to be able to use them accordingly.

PeRoBa Quality Management from Munich - Individual Quality Management Automotive

Consulting, implementation, audits and QM tools from a single source

PeRoBa GmbH Munich is a service provider with many years of experience for quality management especially in automotive and mechanical engineering. We help with all important standards (VDA6.3, IATF 16949,...) on the way to certification or re-certification. We also work closely with universities and research institutes. Managing Director Dr. Scherb teaches as a lecturer, for example, at the Hamburger Fern-Hochschule, the FOM in Munich and is also a speaker at the TÜV-Süd Akademie, the Bildungswerk der Bayerischen Wirtschaft and many other institutions.

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