Quality management consulting as a factor for sustainable and successful development of your company

Legal requirements, the need to adapt to B2B customers and suppliers, but also more and more simply the expectations of end customers, make the use of quality management systems sensible or even necessary in almost every industry today. However, the road to the goal can often be rocky. Depending on how little one has dealt with effective processes, standards or customer expectations so far, many adjustments often have to be made. With the amount of norms and standards in use today, it is hard to get ahead without external quality management consulting.

But it is worth it! Once quality management has been established, it ensures long-term profitability and economic success. The achievable advantages also pay for themselves quickly and subsidies are also available in many sectors and areas. Whether ISO 9001 consulting, VDA 6.3, IATF or other standards - use professional quality management consulting to find out how you can establish suitable QM systems for lasting economic success.

Who needs a quality management consultant?

In increasingly difficult times, efficient, but not too expensive, quality management is becoming an important factor for many companies. Those who are forced to make their products and services more expensive or their own processes cheaper due to increased costs (for energy, raw materials,...) have the only really meaningful argument in their hands in the form of assured quality. An external quality management consultant helps to evaluate existing processes and procedures in an unbiased and objective way and to work towards continuous improvement. The quality management consultant becomes an almost indispensable part of one's own quality assurance and thus also for the long-term success of one's own company.

Dr. Roland Scherb - PeRoBa GmbH Munich

Learning from mistakes and thus placing new and existing companies on a stable foundation - these are my personal experiences from several company foundations and many years of working as a quality management consultant, which have now also been incorporated into PeRoBa Qualitätsmanagement GmbH as a firm philosophy. Quality management is not boring and not just "nice to have". Quality management forms the basis of successful enterprises. Yesterday. Today. And in the future.

That's why it's not enough to stand still and stop learning. That's why we at PeRoBa develop new methods and technologies at the same time. Data glasses are one such future topic, if you have the right software. And Corona has shown the potential of remote audit and remote techniques in general.

Dr. Roland Scherb - Quality management consultant Munich
Remote audit technologies

Remote Audit Software iVision®


Everyone actually knows it now. The Corona crisis has mercilessly revealed how important progressive digitalisation is for maintaining Germany's competitiveness as an industrial location. The topic of remote auditing should also be mentioned here in particular. For companies that depend on regular auditing (especially automotive and mechanical engineering), remote audits not only offer an opportunity to implement safety measures for employees and external service providers, but also to make major savings. Business trips are not only expensive, but also no longer in keeping with the times in terms of climate technology. But first and foremost, they are expensive and time-consuming. Remote audits with data glasses and specialised software already allow large parts of audits to be carried out online without any problems - once the necessary infrastructure has been established.

With iVision® we offer remote audit software that has been tried and tested in industrial commissioning for many years and can be flexibly adapted to existing hardware, software or local organisational structures. We would be happy to present our remote audit software to you.

Remote audit solutions offer a wide range of advantages that can be enhanced and optimised with individual planning and advice.

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Consulting, auditing, implementation and QM tools from one expert source

ISO 9001, VDA 6.3, IATF,...

PeRoBa GmbH from Baldham near Munich is an experienced service provider for quality management consulting, auditing and training according to all important standards with a focus on the automotive, mechanical engineering or care sectors. We help you specifically and safely on the way to your certification according to DIN/ISO, VDA or IATF. We work closely with universities and research institutions. Managing Director Dr. Scherb teaches, for example, at the Hamburger Fern-Hochschule, the FOM in Munich and is also a lecturer at the TÜV-Süd Akademie, the Bildungswerk der Bayerischen Wirtschaft and many other institutions.

We also provide customers with expert and sustainable support on the subject of compliance.

PeRoBa GmbH offers its services nationally and internationally. We are therefore happy to support you as a client in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Hanover, Cologne, Dormund, Leipzig, Düsseldorf, Essen, Bremen, Dresden, Duisburg, Münster, Nuremberg, Bielfeld, Wolfsburg, Chemnitz, Lübeck, Bochum, Mannheim, Ingolstadt, Augsburg, Bonn, Aachen, Mainz, Braunschweig, Erfurt,...

Quality management - ISO 9001, VDA 6.3 and IATF 16949 Consulting and Audits -


Environmental protection, occupational health and safety, data protection,...

Of course, almost everyone knows ISO 9001; (but do also know possible disadvantages of ISO certification?) after all, it is the basis of all modern QM systems and measures. In a complex and global business world, however, this alone is no longer sufficient. Specialised standards and certifications must then ensure verifiable quality in detail.


Today, sustainability and environmental compatibility are part of the vocabulary of industrial management. But to back up these words with concrete content and verifiable results, ISO 14001 for environmental management systems helps.


Laboratory accreditation according to the ISO 15189 standard has been an essential component of high-quality medical care not only since the Corona years.


The German Supply Chain Act has brought a formerly rather neglected standard back to the fore: ISO 26000 for social responsibility. It creates suitable foundations for a clean pursuit of compliance goals, such as ethical responsibility, transparency and respect for human rights.


Today, information security is a key issue for economic success. Those who cannot protect their own systems against attackers and hackers endanger their entire business model and also risk loss of reputation due to improper handling of data protection. ISO 27001 can be a reliable solution.


Today, energy efficiency is no longer just a marketing buzzword, but a real competitive advantage. High energy costs jeopardise many long-established business models and require new management methods to cope with them. ISO 50001 Energy Management helps to really and efficiently achieve defined goals.


Accidents at work and sick days are real economic risk factors nowadays. Yet it is often the inconspicuous "office jobs" that are increasingly affected by absenteeism due to illness. ISO 45001 helps to improve health protection and occupational safety in your own company in a targeted and sustainable manner.